Here are folks who praise and worship the Lord with God-given talents – Cross Wave, a Jazz worship band formed by 4 colleagues who had studied Jazz in college as their major.


“In fact, prior to Cross Wave, we have been performing together under different names such as “Worship Factory” or “T-Band.” But, this time before the release of our first album, we gave a brand new name for our band - Cross Wave. Literally, it is a wave of the Cross. We strongly desire our music to be a wave of healing and restoring for everyone who listens,” said Taeyong Lee, the leader of Cross Wave. Taeyong who served as a producer in this album, also added that all members of the band, while recording every track in the album, strived to focus on creating sound not of their own desire but that would please God and benefit those who listen to this music.

Cross Wave is made up of total 4 members - Taeyong Lee (Drum), Seungjoon Shin (Saxophone), Nagyeong Lee (Bass), and Girim Han (Guitar).  Their relations go back for more than a decade. They all studied Jazz at University of North Texas and currently they serve as a praise team member at The Great Tree Church where Guibo Kim ministers as Senior Pastor.

Having performed and worshiped together as one team for a decade, now they know what each other has in mind just by looking thru eyes while performing on stage. A worship concert thrown every year at Oklahoma mission trip is among many others they have performed in harmony to date. Such performance perfected thru numerous live stages has been recorded in this first album.

This first album of Cross Wave has a total of 8 tracks. Those are from a familiar hymn such as “What a friend we have in Jesus to well-known CCM songs like “Still” and “Everlasting God”, all of which has been newly arranged with the color of jazz.

“As Jazz musicians, every member has their own opinion and thoughts when it comes to making music but this time every one strived to lay it all down while putting this album together,” said Nagyeong Lee who plays bass in this Christian band. More than just individual’s musical talents and skills, everyone in the band dedicated themselves to exalting God alone in every single track performed, and such dedication as well as love they have toward God has been placed in the heart of this album.

"Jazz is a music genre where the fresh melodies are continuously created thru free-form improvisation,” said Seungjoon Shin who plays Saxophone in the Cross Wave.” “Likewise in Jazz worship, we get to freely, limitlessly praise the Lord with all our heart,” added Seungjoon.

Girim Han, Guitarist and also the youngest in this Jazz Worship band said he was so excited and grateful for his life being used to praise God. Moreover, during the course of making this album, he said he was able to retrieve his life's calling which he had missed for a little while.


"Cross Wave, worshiping God alone
with the music of not my desire
but that would Glorify God"

                                                             - News Korea Texas

Taeyong Lee, Drum

B.A. in Jazz Studies at University of Texas at Arlington
Music director of theatre, “Story of Old Couple” in 2016
Music director and drummer in Dallas Art Performance Festival in 2015
Music director and drummer in “24th & 26th CBS Christian Musical Festival”
Drummer in musical theatre, “Maria Maria,” performed at Seoul Art Center and New York Off-Broadway
Drummer in musical theatre, “Waikiki Brothers,” performed at Seoul Art Center
Session Drum in OST for “Mokpo is Harbor,” “Maria Maria”, and “Bandits”
Session Drum in “Musical Couple”, “Ae-Rah Kim,” at EBS Space Gong-Gam

Seungjoon Shin, Saxophone

B.M. in Music Thoery at University of North Texas
M.M. in Jazz Studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Session musician in “Summer Dream” of Hyunsoo Lee in 2014
Performed at Dallas Korean Art Festival in 2013 and 2015
Saxophonist in Worship Factory - Present
Saxophonist in T-Music Band - Present

Nagyeung Lee, Bass

Studied Jazz Studies at University of North Texas
B.A. in Practical Music Study at Dongduk Women University
Studied Composition at Sungshin Women’s University
Studied Bass at 11th Seoul Jazz Academy
Session bass at Live concerts for Bubble Sisters, Lyn, Sangeun Lee, Bokhee Yoon, Young-ae Han, Mi-rae Yoon, and  G-fla
Session bass in musical theatre, “Maria Maria,” performed at Seoul Art Center
Session bass in musical theatre, Waikiki Brothers,” performed at  Seoul Art Center
Session bass in “Nuhrang Narang Arirang,” performed at Irving Arts Center in 2014 

Samuel Han, Guitar
B.M. in Jazz Studies at University of North Texas  (Guitar) / UNT 5 o’clock Lab band
Session guitar in “Nuhrang Narang Arirang,” performed at Irving Arts Center in 2014 
Session guitar at house band of 2013 CBS Christian Musical Festival
Session guitar at the 30th Anniversary Live Concert of Myungja Choi in 2011
Volunteer staff for Southern Baptist Korean and Asian Church
Lead guitar at Worship Factory - Present
Lead guitar at T-Music Band - Present